Sunday, 23 October 2016

They Loook Liike Peoplee

It's the spooky month, so let's watch some horror movies. First up is an indie film that seems to be the Capgras Delusion made into a film.

Two friends meet up as one visits from out of town, and that friend from out of town is on a mission. He's seen his girlfriend transform, so is now aware of monsters that inhabit people, infecting them. He wants his friend to help, but there are other people in his friend's life that might not be all that they seem. Fortunately, he's getting phone calls to give him pointers. There's a battle coming, they are invading, and he is ready for the call.

This is a simple film, only a few actors, with MacLeod Andrews carrying the weight as the man with the knowledge. For a long time, ans as this is a horror/thriller movie, we aren't sure if what he sees is real or not. Any moment the walls of reality as we know could come down, or maybe Wyatt is the threat.

But, for all that, it feels too simple. We could do with more of the horror than just the occasional tease. A character piece is all very well, but for this, give us a good shot with the full effects running. Oh well.


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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Chef: A Matter of Tasty

I've commented before I have a lot of chef movies to watch... so let's watch them! This one is about Paul Liebrandt.

We follow Paul for nearly ten years. He starts (in the movie) is a bistro, and it's clear that he's a chef far above working there. So, not surprisingly, he eventually quits. Later we catch up with him in Grit when the restaurant gets a low score, so he's not longer there either. Then we get him starting a new restaurant Corton, and will this be better?

We get the usual chef moments of him creating and getting annoyed by staff. But he is unusual that he does the lower end restaurants, whereas usually we are with the chef while they are in their high end place. So that's interesting to follow. I was surprised we jumped around time so much, and yet it wasn't that much longer than a hour, but it is a contained enough story.

There are some extras of extended interviews, and two bits of creations. Which are presented with music, and without commentary, so I have no idea what I'm looking at, so this feels like "we came up with this, but didn't finish it, so here's an extra!".

Not a bad start to this series, with more of a rise of a chef than we usually see.


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Friday, 21 October 2016

Three Bojack Horseman

And that, as they don't say, is that. In that I have no idea if there is a fourth season planned (and there certainly could be one), but after this season...

Bojack is on the press trail, giving speeches and promoting his new movie Secretariat. Amidst this there are other plot lines happening but... and here's my problem. It just didn't feel as grabbing as season two. Todd is just as annoying, and Princess Carolyn gets an arc I don't care about, and there's more past events revealed, and Bojack is still dealing with some events from season two, but...

I thought this season was going to be a total waste, but then the last two episodes... wow, easily the best of the entire series. I definitely won't say what happens, but there were great character moments as well as actual plot happening. If the rest of the season was like this...

But it's not. So it nearly ends with a whimper, but manages to pull out a bang.


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Thursday, 20 October 2016


Never mind what MC would do later, there's a sequel to be had right now!

Delos is back with a new world to visit, including a future world! In which people pretend that skiing down a hill under red light is like skiing on Mars. Big surprise, there's something shady going on. Bigger surprise, it's obvious what's going on after ten minutes but there's over 90 minutes of movie!!!

One strange take in this movie, which shows that the writers of this didn't get the point of the previous one, is that the robots are largely aware they are robots. Well, good to know there's no sense of immersion then. But then, we spend a large part of the time behind the scenes anyway with two reporters who manage to get into special areas by ducking down some stairs, and putting a fake face on a helmet.

Yes, we have Peter Fonda, who I don't think I've actually seen in many things, and Blythe Danner, who I kept thinking was Katherine Crawford. Oh, and Yul Brynner is back in the same role, for, I'm sure, the same reason he was in the first one.

And while I correctly predicted the final gesture of the hero, I kinda wish the ending was left more ambiguous, but this is Hollywood and you can't have spinning tops.


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Wednesday, 19 October 2016


With the new TV series, let's go back to the original.

Guests go to a new fantastic holiday park where science has brought to life exciting attractions for people to interact with. Only it goes a bit wrong and lots of people end up dying...

Hey, wait a minute... which Michael Crichton movie did I just describe? While not saying the Jurassic books rip this off, it is a basic repeat of the exact same formula. Good to know MC gets really creative as an author.

Richard Benjamin gives a good performance as about the only good person in the entire movie. We also get a top billing Yul Brynner, whom I'm sure only got top billing to get the crowd in, it's not like his character gets a lot to do. And there are a bunch of other people but I can't remember the character names, let along recognise the actors.

As the formula told in 90 minutes, it's decent. Later we'll get it stretched out over several books and movies. And now a many episode padded out tv series. Joy.


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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Evening's Empire

I got Doctor Who Magazine back in the day, when it wasn't on screen, and it was filled with Seventh Doctor stories. Evening's Empire was Part One in one issue and then... the other parts never showed up. Other stories were published instead, and eventually everyone moved on as one of those stories that was abandoned... until now. It was released as part of Doctor Who Classics, and now is released as part of the latest Graphic Novel range, which of course I picked up. (As I have all the GNs from DWM.)

In this story, some women around Middlesbrough are going missing, with the Doctor and Ace investigating, along with some members of UNIT. Ace also goes missing, and finds herself in an Empire, courtesy of one Alex Evening. The Doctor manages to enter, but he can't save everyone.

One thing I remember in particular is some of the imagery. Cutting from pouring from a jug to pouring into a cup, and the black of coffee to the black of night, there are some great transitions. The story itself is written by Andrew Cartmel, so expect a Dark Doctor, and the art is by Richard Pears Rayner, who redrew some of the pages for this collection, so this is a Director's Cut.

That all said... I feel like the story is a bit of a let down. From the revelation to defeat is rather quick and easy, so it's all build up without the right level of pay off. At last we have a conclusion, but Andrew Cartmel has done better work.


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Monday, 17 October 2016


The latest DB movie is, of course, going to do well. But how well is it?

Robert wakes up in a hospital and immediately goes on the run, trying to solve puzzles. And by solve puzzles, I mean "go here, immediately find the next 'clue' and immediately deduce the next location to go to". Of course there's a woman to run around with Robert, and a bunch of people chasing him... and which story is this again? Indeed, while watching, I couldn't remember which bits were to be in this movie and which was in the Last Word. Who is on the side of the good guys? Who's on the side of the bad? Who is played off as one and then is revealed as the other, despite it making no sense?

Yes, we are in Dan territory, and Ron Howard is taking whatever cue he can to do huge imagery that may or may not be related to the actual movie. And he also has to have parts of the book, but that's perfunctory. Really, although I can't remember much of the puzzles in the book, it feels like Ron wasn't that interested in telling that story and just wanted to get to the next action piece. Which are also not that great. Frankly, the word that comes to mind is "luke warm", which describes everything about this movie.

This movie feels phoned in, but that's all right, after Da Vinci Code, so did Dan with the next books.

To be honest, after watching this, I do want to do a parody of this featuring Cthulhu and Lovecraftian mythos...


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