Friday, 6 March 2015

Grammar Revolution

There are so many documentaries I Kickstartered that I haven't watched... and, to be honest, there are plenty I'm still waiting for. But one that I did just watch is Grammar Revolution.

What is grammar? Is it the way we naturally form sentences? Is it a way we should form sentences? It's both! But this movie is more about the prescribed grammar, and how people suck at it. After describing grammar, they go on to talk about why people suck, and it's because of PCism (my words). Ooh, everyone is right, and free to express how they want, therefore saying 'you are wrong, learn this grammar' is bad and thus no-one really learnt the skills. But it is how we communicate, it is a common method, and people who use it do sound better to us and are treated as someone to pay attention to.

This movie shows lots of viewpoints, and I'm not entirely positive it does come to a conclusion (despite having the section at the end called 'Conclusion'). Grammar is useful, but only because we think it is. Will we reach a point where anything goes? Possibly, but then we won't be able to make sense of each other.

An interesting movie, and one to check out if you are interested in the area.


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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Teenege Metant Nenja Tertles...

It's because of Rifftrax that I finally got around to seeing that controversial film. While I can't speak as to whether or not it's a bad Turtles movie (although it is), I can speak as to whether or not it's a bad film in general.

April O'Neil is a reporter who gets the bad jobs, but because she's out there trying (read: going into dangerous situations because of stupid reasons), she finds out the city has vigilantes. Which she immediately realise are turtles she set free many years ago... because... ummm... that's clearly what happens. But when the turtles get into trouble, fortunately she's there to save the day, so that the turtles can have a fight scene that reminds me of Amazing Spiderman 1.

What disturbed me about this movie wasn't the turtles themselves. I'd already seen images, so was expecting that. It was the fricking rat. Splinter? Is that you? You look hideous! Now, fine, he's a rat, but still... he looks hideous! Gah! Get away from me! Oh, and there's the stupid sub plot whereby he learnt ninjitsu from a book and only taught one style to each of the turtles when clearly they'd be better off learning all forms.

This is a dumb movie, rightly panned, so Rifftrax was the only way I saw it, and I'm glad I saw it that way.


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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Evie Lyn

I wasn't sure about this Selma Hayek vehicle, but what the hell, I'll give it a go.

Everly is a kept woman (as in actually kept), but one time goes too far, and she fights back. But she doesn't get out of her apartment as the bad guys come to her, now that's convenient! However, she must fight because of her daughter, and will even trade her life to make sure her daughter is fine.

This could be considered one of those 'bottle' movies, where to keep costs down they stay in one set... but I'm not sure that would have saved much. There's a lot of action, and shootings and set pieces that this is a fast paced movie with lots going on. And Selma Hayek is right in the middle of it. And well she does. One could point out that she gets a little more battered than could be believed... but only if one also points that out of every action movie.

They've greenlit Everly 2, right?


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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

A History of Violence

The film society is back in action, and the first one we see is from David Cronenberg.

Tom Stall is a middle town America man, but when two bad guys come into his diner, he puts them down, and easily. Because he has a HISTORY OF VIOLENCE. Mob guys get interested in him, and his own son beats up a bully, perpetuating a HISTORY OF VIOLENCE. After dealing with the mob guys, he has more history to deal with, but will his family want to have anything to do with someone linked with a society that has a HISTORY OF VIOLENCE?

This is a very good movie, it unfolds well, and although I should have seen where it was going, I was surprised by it. I'm not entirely sure I buy Viggo Mortensen as the lead, but, hey, ladies, you get to see Viggo ass! There are good performances from Maria Bello and Ed Harris, although William Hurt is hardly in it.

The question is, can the film society keep this quality of selection up?


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Monday, 2 March 2015


I'm going to be very unfair. I think the first five minutes of this movie happened to scriptwriter Nick Gorman and then he wrote the rest of this movie as revenge fantasy.

Needing cash, a young woman agrees to join a dorm room with camera and live on the web. So, of course, the movie shows that only perverted people are interested in this. But one chap in particular gets a fetish on for the women that finally goes too far. And when he is mocked (and of course he is portrayed as ugly, because movies), he goes on an amazingly successful revenge spree that no-one but about two or three people notice, because this is one of the most popular cam sites ever...

There isn't anything redeeming about this. Showing off on camera = death sentence, that's about the size of it, and as far as any kind of morality goes. Other than maybe 'don't mock ugly guys who have surprising computer skills and are prone to going around killing people'. The whole movie feels exploitive, and not at all showing any sense of 'these women are doing this because they want to', but because they need the money/drugs/anything else. I'm sure to be wrong about the whys behind this movie's creation, but it's hard to tell differently.

Watch this if you want some titillation, but it's not anything to take seriously.


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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Spock... vs Q

I thought I had talked about this before, but can't find it now. With certain events, let's everyone enjoy a time when Leonard Nimoy battled John D Lancie... as many of us wanted...


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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Dead Skill

Oh, I didn't expect this to be good, and just the first five minutes are enough to put anyone off, but I stuck it out... for some reason.

A kid's father dies, and he grows up to be a photographer. Randomly, his grandfather dies and leaves him a house and an old camera, which he loves and immediately uses, causing people to die a day or so later is horrible (amusing from an effects view) way. Turns out the grandfather was a psycho, and the camera trapped people alive inside a negative world, and he killed the father and trapped the man and his own son inside the negative world, and...

This is a great example of how to take an interesting premise 'camera captures people's souls', and utterly ruin it. I had a hard time getting through this movie, because it was so terrible and dull that I just couldn't keep my attention on it.

For some reason Ben Browder is in this, as is Ray Wise, but even their performances are not good. Still better than the others, but that bar isn't high.

Another crappy movie for the pile.


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