Friday, 28 October 2016

Red Dwarf 11.1,11.2

The latest series of Red Dwarf is out and... so far it's been largely blah but not terrible (quick reminder: the last series started well, but ended poorly).

Twentica: It's an episode where the crew end up time travelling into the past, which is slightly different, in which they need to make some device of the era and... hang on, didn't see I see this episode? Lemons. The whole schtick with the booze room floozies being about science goes on too long. But at least we got Kevin Eldon.

Samsara: It's a ship with a strange drive that changes the laws of reality that changes the way people have to behave... hang on, this is Justice isn't it? We pair up Cat with Lister and Kryten with Rimmer... a pairing that will recur later. This is a thin story where they need to have flashbacks with the real story while the others get some comedy and exposition scenes only.

Let's be honest... these chaps are getting older and Doug isn't the same without Rob... as I said, this is blah but not terrible.


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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Don Spake

We had that you can't breathe, and now we have that you can't speak.

A group of young adults are partying on a boat when one gets his foot cut, so they go to the nearby deserted village. Only it isn't entirely deserted, and everyone needs to be quiet or they'll be captured... and immediately they are entirely incompetent and barge around making all kids of noise. And so they slowly get taken. There is also a lot of bickering between the friends and one is pregnant and sees little girls... they try to escape the big bad, and it goes about as well as you'd expect.

The best part of this movie is the location. It's nice and creepy, and should be used in a better movie. The movie tries to be different with giving us backstory exposition in animation over real footage, but that just makes it hard to make out exactly what's supposed to be happening.

This movie does try some different narrative techniques, so there's that... but to be honest, I just kept thinking of this:


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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Weeja Summononing

No, this has nothing to do with the current Ouija movies, just another movie using the gimmick.

We have a daughter coming home (to a house in the middle of nowhere) and finds her crazy mother has used a ouija board, and the mother then kills her. Cut to... another daughter, who goes off with her boyfriend, and his friend, and finds the house. Of course they give the ouija board a go, and immediately she's haunted by the old lady. And so, people start dying. She's cracking up, but it's really the old woman of course, but she is responsible. Thus, she finds a way of dealing with it...

There's nothing new here. What this does have that's special is editing, in that it's quite bad. Scenes just cut from one to another without any real sense of transition. And cutting to and from dream sequences doesn't help either. And the special effects aren't really much, outside of the make up effects on the old woman.

Nothing to see, move along, just another group trying to make a movie and not catching anything spectacular.


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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Brutherhood of the Wulf

It's a beast of the wolf attacking people, a real supernatural beast... or is it?

France in the 18th century, a Knight and his servant travel the land to track down a vicious beast. Along the way, he finds a young woman and immediately falls in love with her, but her family are rather crazed. And that's the set up for most of the movie, dealing with them wanting to be in love, with occasional breaks for action beats involving fighting and/or wolves.

Not to totally give away spoilers, but I was thinking of the Hound of the Baskervilles by the end. And the person who is evil is the obvious choice as the person who is behind everything, so we aren't making huge leaps of plot here.

It's pretty good, with Mark Dacascos and Vincent Cassel being actors I recognised amidst the other French actors. It's also pretty good production values... except for the CGI beast which looks like and obviously added in CGI beast.

This movie definitely feels long and could do with more than a little trim...


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Monday, 24 October 2016

Sororoty Slooghterhoose

This is one of those "let's try to be titillating" movies that just is softy than soft core. Oh, and it involves a really crappy clown doll.

A sorority is closing down for the holidays with only a few women left. A clown doll is possessed by a scummy dean who decides that the best thing to do is to kill them all. And he proceeds to do so as the girls pretend to get into sexy situations in front of the camera... The ending scenes are nearly decent, but they don't make up for the rest of the film.

The true horror of this movie is not the story, but the effects. The clown doll is absolutely horrendous and how it's "animated" is just... aarrgh! So often the actress has to hold the toy doll and murder tool in place. Oh, and the person who inhabits this scummy doll is Eric Roberts. I mean Eric Roberts is a creep. I mean Eric Roberts is playing a clown doll creep.

It wants to be a "bad" movie, but it's just a bad movie. Just... don't worry about it.


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Sunday, 23 October 2016

They Loook Liike Peoplee

It's the spooky month, so let's watch some horror movies. First up is an indie film that seems to be the Capgras Delusion made into a film.

Two friends meet up as one visits from out of town, and that friend from out of town is on a mission. He's seen his girlfriend transform, so is now aware of monsters that inhabit people, infecting them. He wants his friend to help, but there are other people in his friend's life that might not be all that they seem. Fortunately, he's getting phone calls to give him pointers. There's a battle coming, they are invading, and he is ready for the call.

This is a simple film, only a few actors, with MacLeod Andrews carrying the weight as the man with the knowledge. For a long time, ans as this is a horror/thriller movie, we aren't sure if what he sees is real or not. Any moment the walls of reality as we know could come down, or maybe Wyatt is the threat.

But, for all that, it feels too simple. We could do with more of the horror than just the occasional tease. A character piece is all very well, but for this, give us a good shot with the full effects running. Oh well.


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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Chef: A Matter of Tasty

I've commented before I have a lot of chef movies to watch... so let's watch them! This one is about Paul Liebrandt.

We follow Paul for nearly ten years. He starts (in the movie) is a bistro, and it's clear that he's a chef far above working there. So, not surprisingly, he eventually quits. Later we catch up with him in Grit when the restaurant gets a low score, so he's not longer there either. Then we get him starting a new restaurant Corton, and will this be better?

We get the usual chef moments of him creating and getting annoyed by staff. But he is unusual that he does the lower end restaurants, whereas usually we are with the chef while they are in their high end place. So that's interesting to follow. I was surprised we jumped around time so much, and yet it wasn't that much longer than a hour, but it is a contained enough story.

There are some extras of extended interviews, and two bits of creations. Which are presented with music, and without commentary, so I have no idea what I'm looking at, so this feels like "we came up with this, but didn't finish it, so here's an extra!".

Not a bad start to this series, with more of a rise of a chef than we usually see.


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