Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Reign of Winter

In the forest of amazement... in that it's ment to be a maze. Like other things I've heard of, basically treating it like a dungeon with exits and corridors to rooms and such. Anyways, we carry on and head up the left hand path.

And come across a nice wee house in the middle of the forest with men drinking and very nice women giving them drink. We sit down, have a drink, and everything is fine. It's nice. No need to get up and go on, just sit and have a drink...

(Liddick, who hasn't partaken of this, finally draws one of the woman away and kills her as she turns feral on him. Or maybe it was five of them. Or ten... or twenty with minions? I cannot recall the final details. People weep over the ending of a whole race of fey at the hands of one rogue...)

Racing back to us, he slaps some of us awake and then the fight is on... although I'm pretty chill for a while. Finally, Mage wakes me up and I end the battle. 'Cos I'm good like that. [And we are now level 6!]

Moving on, we come to what could be the sister of the guy on the boulder, only she's in a tree. And she can fly. Damn her. She blinds me with her beauty, but fortunately it doesn't last long; [F- blindness!] However, I have to leave it to the range shooters to take her out. (Yeah, I have a crossbow.. but I also have an axe!)

We have to backtrack a bit now, and then take the right hand path. We find another house, and in this one is a commanding woman who demands us to escort her out. We say no. She turns into a wolf and attacks us. I got plenty of HP and anger to burn so chop chop, enough of her.

But this looks a good place to rest for a while, so we do that!


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Monday, 14 April 2014

Zed Ziding Zzzd

Not so much a fairy tale as a soap opera teen love triangle drama angst rubbish. And boring as hell.

In medieval fantasy town, a young woman is caught up between the poor woodcutter and the rich... actually I have no idea what the other guy was doing, I couldn't pay that much attention. Anyway, there's also a wolf, but it can be human, so who is it? The wolf hunter comes to town, but is a big jackass and doesn't really get anything useful done. And the woman's grandmother is all kinds of creepy. And then the wolf is revealed and everyone lives happily ever after.

Ye gods this is just... what the hell? Was there any point to any of it? I don't care about the teen drama, the wolf is boring, and even skipping through this movie it still felt too long. Even Gary Oldman is just cruising through this, and not giving a damn. And the teens... well, I say teens, they are all in their twenties, are just there because they are pretty. Yeah, whatever.

I only watched this because I had it at hand... whelp, not going to think about that any more...


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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Newtown Update

Just another scan around Newtown.

I point out some things near the end.


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Mirror Mysteries

A current phenomena on Steam at the moment seems to be publishers dumping their catalogues of games, and flooding the 'New Releases' entries... one such publisher is Gogii game, and one such game was Mirror Mysteries, a Hidden Object game... I like hidden objects, so gave in and now played it!

The set up is: while resting near a house, the two kids get trapped by an evil mirror, after they go around smashing other mirrors (you know, at that point, I'm with the mirror on this). The mom, aka the player, has to enter the mirror worlds and solve the various problems the inhabitants have... which, by and large, involve finding hidden objects and placing them in various rooms. The main point is to get the mirror pieces back, and, strangely enough, the people in each world have them and are happy to hand them over... just as long as you do a few things first... And she's willing to go along with that! Just as well she's so mild mannered! (Indeed, even when talking to the mirror, she's more reading her lines than actually having an emotional reaction to her kids being held hostage!)

The hidden object part is largely straight forward. And after finding pieces, the items form one larger piece that fits into the scenes. For example, you might find parts of a wheel which then fit together to be a gear in a clock. There are also a few puzzles, but they aren't that hard (although I will now immediately complain about one in which there were 216 combinations, and no way I can see to solve it outside brute force! I thought I found a neat answer, but nope, not it! The only puzzle I had to skip...).

The game itself is only a few hours long, and at under $5, I had fun. Not sure I'll try the sequel or other Gogii games, but we'll see.


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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Museum of City and Sea

Peter kept telling me I should go to this museum... and we finally went!

The theme is Wellington and its connection with the sea. There are historical events of Wellington, and there is also an ongoing nautical theme. We get what docks would look like, we get ship related stories, and an example of a Captain's cabin.

There are also informations about the Great Strike, land maps of ole' Wellington, the royal crown jewels (topical!) and other exhibitions.

And ghosts. There's a Maori exhibit that uses Pepper's Ghost style set up to talk about Maori stories. (And this video is from the Museum itself, so totally allowed.)

We were there for about an hour, with just enough time to have a quick squiz at most things. So I might need to go back some time for a proper read of everything. There are a lot of text boxes and pictures to take in.

And a chance to sail a ship or two...

Other pictures are available.


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Friday, 11 April 2014

Super Mole Men

Spin back once more, to 1951, and the earliest Superman movie I've ever seen. It's in black and white!

An oil well is the deepest ever... and it digs into the hollow centre of the Earth! ('Cos that's a thing that happens.) And up from the ground came some bubbling crude... crude mole men that is! Get short actors, put hair on them and top with an obvious looking bald cap, and bam! Mole men! And barely plural men at that. And then for most of the episode it's the random hick town chasing down the mole men and spending a lot of time doing it. Actually, a huge amount of time, as it goes from night to day to night to day depending on the angle of the shot! Fortunately Superman is there to save the day and stop the hicks from being hicks.

And... I liked it! Yeah, the chase of the mole man went on far too long, but George Reeves makes a great Clark Kent and Superman (I'm not sure, but I think he might be a little padded in the chest area to bulk up as Superman?). And he doesn't act nice to everyone, which, as a small touch, gives him a lot of personality. Phyllis Coates as Lois Lane is... on screen often, but doesn't get anything to do, her big moment being her screaming at the mole men.

This movie was made to show how Superman could be brought to television, and it worked (and this was made into a two-parter for the eventing series). While being rather low key with the effects and the costumes... I'm impressed and might try to find the series itself some time.


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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Soon Death of Craptain America

Why make one, when you can make a sequel to continue the awfulness? Yes, there is another motorcycle helmet movie.

After dealing with a hardened gang of criminals... that mug pensioners... Steve must track down the source of a drug that causes rapid aging. After a fight at an empty box warehouse, he heads to a Local Town for Local People... and the plot stays there, with him poking around, for far too long... and then suddenly he works out how to find out where the bad guys are, and huzzah! Simon helps to save the day again!

At least with no origin story to get in the way, we can get straight to the awesomeness of Captain America... as Steve wanders about the town. Oooh, exciting! Still, there are exciting stunts as the motorbike comes with a deployable hang-glider! And that chase goes on too long and boringly as well.

There are few more notable names here. We have Connie "Greatest American Hero" Selleca, Stanley "Monk" Kamel, and playing the bad guy Miguel we have... Christopher "What is he doing in this?" Lee! Seriously, he should be getting better roles than this. Especially with that embarrassing fight at the end.

I don't know if they planned to franchise this, but I'm not surprise there was no third movie... indeed, I was surprised there was a second, let alone a first!

You know, after this, I deserve to enjoy a Superman movie...


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