Thursday, 5 May 2016

Hebrew Bibble

Another iTunes course, this one on the Hebrew Bible as presented by Shaye Cohen. I have to admit that I like him. He's a rather liberal modern scholar, willing to accept that the bible is a constructed work and there are some things we don't know about it.

But going through it, this is making the bible feel like Post Hoc Rationalisation. The bible is often used for that, but in this case, it's more that the Israeli people did things, needed to explain and justify why they did things, why there were the way they were, and this is the story they came up with.

Cohen did a follow up course looking more at the Hebrew bible and Christianity... on to that next!


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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

One more thing to say...

Okay, I guess I do have something else to add in about the YouTube speed thing. I've mentioned before that I tend to watch at speed, in particular around Let's Plays. While this could say something about my personal habits, I like to think this says more about informational content.

When watching LPs, or any computer game, there's a lot of just fighting or walking around. So basically there isn't much going on that you need to pay attention to. So double speed is an easy to have it go by without needing to wait through every damn minute.

I also felt this lack of informational content when I watched anime (although mainly towards the end of my time watching, which might be related). The scenes were either fighting, in which nothing much story wise is happening, so I don't need to pay attention; or it's mainly characters just standing around espousing tons of plot without it actually mattering because it's all exposition without emotional relating to the characters. Either way, it doesn't mean much to me, so double speed it is. (Otherwise, when I am paying attention, I can read fast enough that I can go with subtitles watching at double speed and keep up with the story.)

And now I can do this with YouTube without needing to download them and interrupt other things I'm watching with VLC... not that I would of course...


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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

One thing to say...

I'm glad I found out that YouTube has speed controls! Woo!

[No, it's not much of a post, but that's all I'm capable of at the moment...]


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Monday, 2 May 2016

Nga Manu

A week or so ago I went to Nga Manu! This is a wildlife reserve just north of Waikanae.

They have several bird species, including nocturnal birds. And tuataras. And eels, with feeding time. And there's a long walk through the bush where we see many various New Zealand trees and other flora.

It's a nice walk, and I have photographs here. Check it out!


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Sunday, 1 May 2016

A Love What?

So I saw this yesterday, and took a moment to go... wtf?

Um... so this video makes the woman in the store go around kissing people, and they all see the video and start mass kissing.

What we have here is a case of sexual harassment. To be clear, I'm only talking about the video, not the song itself, so I'm looking at Youth Hymns here as the directors. Oh, and the video is basically drugs, with the tape put there by Ladyhawke herself, so she's to blame for drugging them. There is no sign of consent anywhere in this.

People will just say "it's just a harmless video, stop complaining", but then those people aren't helping matters. And I'm sure other people will say "what are you seeing in this video?" but it wasn't like I was trying to. I just saw the woman grabbing people and kissing them... I can't say I'm reading into it here.

Just... really?


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Saturday, 30 April 2016

Starring 6th Trek

It's the last of the old style series, and while I do intend to rewatch the revamped blu-ray series of TNG, and this would be the point where I do that, but I'm not going to.

Kirk faces his Klingon issues head on as he is called in to escort the ambassador for peace talks. However, as this is a movie, it goes south and he is taken prisoner and the Enterprise must find out who is really responsible. Kirk does manage to jail-break and leads the charge to the final battle to save the day from people like him.

This is great, lots of drama and great performances... outside of the Rua Penthe sequence. Which is complete rubbish. The movie tries for comedy again, and this hasn't never been my favourite moments of these movies. It just awkward and force for the most parts, although, as said before, these will largely be the parts that get quoted.

One other aspect of this I noticed was how... analog the Enterprise control systems are. Switches, and sliders, that's not going to give a lot of fine control. You can see why they went for touch pads in TNG, although they remain sliders (just digital ones). And speaking of small moments, why is Valeris pleased when they find the boot? She's supposedly the cool logical type.

Anyway, good movie, but could be shorter.


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Friday, 29 April 2016

Cul de Sac, The 1

This is a new sci-fi series from New Zealand. There seems to be one around once every five years, so this is the one. If you can get to TVNZ On Demand, you can check it out.

We start with some kids waking up, not being woken up by alarms, and with parents missing. And if I didn't know the premise, I might not have put it together that ALL adults are missing, and no electricity is working, because they don't make that that clear (as opposed to just a dead battery or black out). The kids head to school where older kids are running things, and some of them take shelter as an electrical storm hits and ker-zapp people outside.

Yeah... I didn't completely buy this. As I point out, they don't present the premise very well. Do their watches still work? And none of the kids have iPods or cellphones? They don't seem to, which is incredibly unusual. And just what makes a kid an adult, as the two at the school are rather elderly for kids.

So, basically, I'm saying this isn't that great. It feels like it was very cheaply made, and the special effects look like they were just knocked out by someone in their garage. There have been much better NZ productions than this in the past. The acting isn't terrible, but the script and the set up doesn't help.

I will keep watching, because this is NZ, so expect more episode coverings. There are six episodes in this set... and the coming up segment seems to give away everything that's going on.


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