Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Xmans Apocylisp

It's a big movie featuring a lot of character we are supposed to care about! At least, the movie assumes we do, because it doesn't do any work to suggest that to us for itself.

The first mutant comes awake due to an amazingly convenient shaft of sunlight, and the big brain guy completely misses the arrival of someone with all this power. The hell? Anyway, Magneto's evil switch is flipped to on in the most obvious and stupid way ever, and he and others join forces with Apocy in order to... well, be evil, as near as I can tell. Fortunately, the good guys get a lot of new recruits that we should recognise, and eventually everyone gets into a big battle. A big CGI battle. With actors standing in poses against green screen no doubt, while everything around them, and bits of them, are replaced with graphics.

Basically, it's a movie, and it's going through its paces, with set pieces to bring people together and moments to introduce characters. Without any real sense of caring, as though the movie thinks that just having these people we know is enough to generate a sense of investment. Can't say it worked for me.

Not to say that this was a bad movie. Just that it wasn't anything impressive. There were a few nice sequences visually, but nothing really emotional to stick with you.\

And then the movie ended.


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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

The Go-Between

It's the third Losey/Pinter film, and we all know how much I like those. It's The Go-Between.

It's a summer time visit to a house out in the country, and a young lad is there and is quickly caught up in a love tryst between the attractive Marian and the rough neighbour farmer. Slowly he is coming into his own bodily awareness and needs, but can't stand against the older people. Until finally he is confronted with their indecency and is forever scarred.

This does remind me of The Servant, in that this is full of people that I didn't like at all and wasn't rooting for. And then there's the 'twist' reveal of the narrative frame which, for me, fell through and didn't have an impact on anything.

Well... done now.


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Monday, 23 May 2016

The Plan

Another free game, this one from Krillbite Studio, who created Among the Sleep.

You are a fly, and you fly... and that's really about it. You go up, and the view pulls back as you fly through nature and encounter winds and... there really isn't much else aside from one major obstacle. And then you reach the end.

It is short, and the controls are basic, and the gameplay is basicer. In that regards, one may bring back the idea of what makes a game, but there is a point in that this makes you consider the viewpoint and life of the fly. And what happens at the end. But I doubt many people will really consider it a lot. (Aside from the one person on steam who spent over 48 hours on it! And I'm sure just didn't leave it open while they did something else at all.) One big nitpick: the sound gets REALLY LOUD!!!

This games gets a one off smile, and then it's done.


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Sunday, 22 May 2016

The Old Tree

Hey, it's another free to play. You are an old tree? Or a new one?

In this game you are... a creepy baby apple thing? I'm not sure. But you do have tentacles and can crawl along the floor, walls and ceilings. You are travelling through a hotel? and need to get to... actually, I wasn't sure what my objective was, but just kept going. Along the way there are many small puzzles. Like 'click this and it's solved!' complicated. But, hey, it's cute and rather short. Like 12 minutes short.

I'm not going to be the only one, but I was reminded of Samorost style games with the simple no-word puzzles and an unfolding story. Given I really like that type of game, I wouldn't turn down a longer game by them.

Anyway, a nice wee game, give it a go!


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Saturday, 21 May 2016

Starring 9th Trek

Last movie was all action, so let's have all talking! Uh...

On a planet somewhere, there's a nice village with technological avoiding people, and the Enterprise crew turn up and talk to them. Then they talk to the evil people trying to take over the place. Then they talk to the planet people again. Then they run. There's more talking. And finally some action, but it feels really limp.

Usually I've been a fan of non-comedy moments. And of Patrick Stewart's and Brent Spiner's performances. But this... no, it just doesn't work. It's like they wanted to refresh the characters (and did so by magically making them younger in spirit), but did so in a cack-handed manner.

So, what did I like then? There's something good... but no, after watching this, nothing is coming to mind. Either flat or try-hard, I've got nothing.

Just skip it, really.


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Friday, 20 May 2016

Cul de Sac, The 4

What is going on with this? Was it only an hour that they padded out to two?

We get a little plot progression, with hints of the adults around, and some backstory to the school kid (I'm guessing he's just insane, but if not that's a hell of a thing to insert into this story). We also get a completely stupid scene where the three main kids are basically caught by the school kids, and set into a trap with a Creeper. Which is in a rather well lit area, which Creepers have previously avoided... and then the Creeper seems to decide 'sod this' and buggers off. So... huh?

It feels like there is some attempt at a story, but there's just so much else going on that the writer wants to have as important, but it just doesn't come off. I'm guessing that this will continue for the rest of the episodes.


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Thursday, 19 May 2016

Missing Translation

Another free to play. In this case you are in a world where there is only puzzles...

First, you can choose to be male or female, so bonus! Although it matters not. After waking up during the night, you pop out for a stroll and then are sucked into an alternative dimensions where parts of the machine that transported you are around the place. You need to find them and solve sets of puzzles to get them back. And there are other peoples around, and you can only communicate by speaking in a limited set of symbols.

There are 25 of each set of puzzle... which means that fatigue can set in rather quickly as it's just the same old same old time and again, only slightly harder. There are also some other puzzles around, although I'm not sure I got them all as some doors remained locked. Do they always? Although I did get all the achievements...

All up, it took me over an hour to play, with some backtracking and playing around, and again I'm not sure if this is a game I will go back to. Still, a nice wee go.


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