Tuesday, 21 November 2006

But did it remove the spots?

The Chinese are getting upset over a freckle remover, which just goes to show what can happen when "harmful" becomes visible. How much harm needs to be done before people step in and say "enough".

There are email scams, get rich quick scams and pyramid scams, but most of us see through that. What of credible sounding scams? Those that rely on dodgy sounding science of "quantum energy" or "the life force of the universe" or something else to make you think there is something to it. In most cases, the particular brand of snake oil is harmless enough, per se, but what about when it stops you from getting proper treatment? And what about when it is demonstrably harmful?

Weight loss is another area where there are plenty of bogus claims. Hey, who doesn't want to lose weight? (And I for one am certainly weighing in at a level for above healthy...) But when a product goes bad, only that one product is sunk. (And sometimes not even for that long.)

The Chinese are trying to crack down, but the system is working against them. Too many bad ideas have already gotten through the loop holes. At this point, they are closing the barn door on the horse's tail.

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