Friday, 1 December 2006

Reviewing the reviews...

Everyone else seems to be blogging about TSV 41 (the latest online archive), so I may as well as well. (Hmm... interesting construction in that sentence.)

However, I'm only going to talk about what I did. Which, as it happens, wasn't much. Just some book reviews. (Gee, what a surprise!) Still, I suppose one question is: do I still agree with what I wrote? (Or possibly, do I even remember that book?)

First up, Legacy, in which I bitch about lots of unnecessary plot devices. Remembering back on it, the book fairs fairly well in my memory, so I would agree with my overall assesment of "this book is good", but not sure I would go as far as "but could have been brilliant".

Justin Richards either is great or is rubbish, and in Theater of War, it looks like he was great. A lot of this has fallen from memory, but I would like to go back and revisit this (especially in light of what he has subsequently contributed to the Benny range), so it certainly can't be bad. (Unlike certain other books I could mention that make me shudder with dread just remembering their titles.)

I have read All-Consuming Fire more recently that that review, from which I remember it working well until they go off planet when it largely falls apart. My review then would read the book as being more even and well done overall.

The Paradise of Death has faded from memory, overtaken by The Ghosts of N-Space. A more wrong statement couldn't be made with "I hope The Ghosts of N-Space is better than this."

Looking ahead, there are plenty more reviews. I don't do anything else until #52. Ye gods! How many reviews does one person need to do??

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