Friday, 23 February 2007

Choices, choices...

I'm flipping through Stuff, wondering what to blog about day (I don't know why I try to blog once per day, it's just what I do), and see:

Aucklands shaking in their boots: Auckland finally finds out about this mythical creation concept known as an "earthquake".

Wellingtonians like themselves (but are not "in like" with themselves): Yet another example of why no-one should take polls seriously.

Women who shave themselves "there": Baldies and the men who love them... or not.

Hell manages more free publicity: Appearantly calling George W an "evil bastard" is wrong because people shouldn't use the word "bastard" in polite society.

But, nah, instead I think I'll complain about how whenever I try to click on a page on Stuff (so I can then use the scroll button) I keep opening a menu or hitting a link and going off to some other page. It's extremely annoying and just makes me want to close the entire site down. Now that's good business practices!

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