Friday, 9 March 2007

Comic-aze attack!

Okay, so I just created a new area on my blog, and now I'm saying way. Underneath the websites list, you'll see a list of online comics. Dilbert (which I think my management learns from) and Pearls (we are all Rat and Pig, but, let's face it, we're more Pig than Rat) are obvious, and I've talked about DM of the Rings before, so let me talk about:

Order of the Stick: Like DM, this is a D&D based comic (version 3.5 with jokes based on that system). Really funny if you enjoy that sort of thing (and I do!), and the author has quite a story line developed. There are also some very interesting articles on that site about world- and character-building that are worth reading as well, applying to far more than just D&D games.

xckd: "A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language." Stick figure comics with some really weird surreal humour that, on occasion, you need major math geek skills to get (which I have). Also, this comic is, to me, absolutely hilarious and explains so much.

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