Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Not in America

Recently we have had cases of doctors failing and being caught and actioned on by the system, a while ago when a doctor failed to sterilise women properly - resulting in pregnancies, and another when two doctors recognised lymphoma as a sore throat - resulting in death.

In a country more prone to superstitious and magical thinking, I can't help thinking that these situations would have gone another way:

Medical Incompetance Points to Problems with Patients
Recent cases show that as a country, we've got a long way to go in patient education. Six women became pregnant after taking homeopathic remedies that would have made them sterile. "Obviously," said the quack doctor, "it's their fault for not drinking that water in the right way."

In other news, a man died after not believing that he has a sore throat. "Hey, we've tried to tell people The Secret," a money-making leech on Oprah said today, "if you think bad thoughts, then bad things will happen to you. It's all your own fault."

Remember kids: doctors aren't to blame, you are.


God vs. Medicine: God Wins!
Once again we prove that God is mighty and all scientists should die. One doctor attempted to thwart the Almighty's plan by sterilising 32 patients. "HA!" said God, and caused six of them to become pregnant. "It's a miracle come true!" one woman said, as she threw away all her carefully made life plans and prepared to enter a nunnery.

In other news, God tricks some stupid doctors into thinking lymphoma was a sore throat. "I want this guy to die," God was heard cackling, "and no namby-pamby doctors are going to stop me."

Remember kids: doctors aren't to blame, God is.

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