Tuesday, 10 April 2007

DW: Episode 3.2

Second verse, not as good as the first...

That teaser really was pants. I've given up believing that people spoke that flowery all the time back then, so that opening speech just irritated me. And just who was the witch speaking to at the end there?

So, it really was the Unquiet Dead, but the former did have going for it that it got into the action a lot quicker. Yeah, it had blabble in the middle before getting back to the action, but this story was blabble at the beginning and the middle!

No fault on the acting side. I'm really liking Martha Jones as the companion, but it's just the rest of it letting this story down. The plot is a retread, all those "I'll have that bit" with regard to Shakespeare quotes was far too cutesy, and, it has to be said, the witch outfits were not the best effect.

I was nearly liking it, but then... Expelliarmus!

Next week: The new series proves that, to be honest, it can't do science fiction.

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