Sunday, 8 April 2007

The Temple of Death: Part Two

The Guardian at the Cave:
Climbing up the Blackmoor mountain, the party makes their way to the cave entrance into the underground tunnels. However, they are not the first there as a large dragon (and a smaller baby one) sticks it head out to scare the adventurers off (and succeeds with three of them). Habenath notes that the dragon produces steam, but no chlorine gas. Suspicious much?

One fireball later shows that the dragon is nothing more than a mechanical creation (which is still quite impressive considering the technology of the time), and the fight is joined against a group of fighters and a mage, who bravely stays at the back.

The party brings the smackdown, and not even a Wall o' Fire (which nicely roasts three of the enemies own fighers!) can stop them. The loot proves to be quite nice, and the thief bravely volunteers to carry any extra items.

Inside the cave, the party follow the (railway) tracks, but are soon set upon by a couple of trolls. The party set upon the trolls back, and they are soon put down. But, being trolls, they are back up and then put down again. Fire proves to be a good idea.

While later resting in a long tunnel, the party can hear a tap-tap-tapping of rock on rock. Clearly the mountain settling and nothing to worry about at all.

Fun-guys and gals:
Ahead is a cave. A nice cave. Full of wondering and interesting fungus, and an interestingly large palace like structure that should certainly be investigated. And just to prove what a wonderful place it is, here come some friendly cave people who just want to give a warm embracing hug.

Some insane members of the party see the cave as filled with hideous evil mould, black running water and a crumbling ruin, but they also see the cave people as zombies and obviously can't be trusted.

The cave people get touchy-feely, but the party sees this as Bad Touch and soon show the cave people (no, not ZOMBIES!) the errors of their ways and they have a long lie down to think things over.

Adventuring on, the party avoids the clearly bad ruin, but does encounter some more friendly cave people. Excrutia manages to fall down a large pit, but, hey, yellow spore never hurt anyone, right?

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