Wednesday, 9 May 2007

It's Female Time!

I finally got around to watching Dead or Alive last night, which made me flash back so much to Mortal Kombat I could have sworn I saw Lui Kang. In the Behind the Scenes segment, the actresses go on a lot about how they are playing empowering roles, yadda yadda, but it's obvious that this movie is really about seeing barely clothed women kick the crap out of a) men and b) other women.

The director, Corey Yuen, even taps the other DOA video game with the volleyball scene. Now, this movie is already peaking hgih levels of gratuity, but this scene is about seeing bikini-ed womem jump around. Corey manages an amazing feat by failing to shoot the scene to focus on the bikini-ed women in gratious ways, but instead achieves amazing cinematic shots (aided by CG I've no doubt) of... the volleyball! (Not to mention interspersing the scene with lots of kung-fu action with veteran Kane Kosugi.)

But in the end, it's all about seeing Eric Roberts beating up on several different people who are fitter and far more capable, because, you know, it's just believable that way.

I waited until this was cheap on DVD before buying it. It's still overpriced.

(See what blog-fellow Alden says about this movie.)

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