Saturday, 22 September 2007

Best! Comedy! EVAH!

(Okay, instant qualification: best live action American sit-com evah!)

Before the hundreds of unfunny shows bolstering up the careers of failed stand-up comics, before the cavalcade of whimsy that was the hilarity whitewash that was Friends, there was a comedy show that was actually worth watching!

The premise was remarkedly simple in many ways, and yet it was really only used for brief comedy bits in other shows: what if we saw inside the mind of one of the characters on the show? And from that, we present a damn fine intelligent comedy:

Herman's Head!

It only lasted three seasons (damn it!), and starred the fantastic talents of William Ragsdale, Hank Azaria, Jane Sibbett (as an extremely hot blonde), Yeardley Smith (which explains the HH references on the Simpsons, with a few Simpsons references on HH), Molly Hagen, Ken Hudson Campbell, Rick Lawless, Peter MacKenzie and the late, great Jason Bernard.

Unfortunately, because Fox sucks, not only was it cancelled after three seasons (if they had gone one more season, the show would have had enough episodes to go into syndication and would have been far more known), but also they haven't released them on DVD. This is why when I was contacted about getting some off-air copies... I went Yay!

We're talking getting 53 of the 72 episodes! The quality isn't the best, but, hey, episodes! If you want to get your own copies, check out the details on my HH page. And before you cry foul, I hereby promise that if the DVDs ever do come out, I will get a copy, so there is no money lost here. I WANT THEM ALL!

This was a fantastic, intelligent series, and should be required watching for all.


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