Friday, 14 September 2007


The news finally made it to our shores about the biggest, most offensive, hate-filled speech ever said by anyone in the history of the ENTIRE WORLD!!!!

Over-the-top? Maybe, but so's this reaction to Kathy Griffin's Emmy speech. But what is more interesting is the American take, which refers to an "off-colour remark", which will never be screened again. Well, to contribute to the fuel the righteous anger needs, I will now quote the most horrendous hate-speech ever:

"Suck it, Jesus."

She was making a point about how everyone was praising God and Jesus for their award, and she refused to do that. And yet... this is offensive? And the American Press aren't even willing to repeat that? Just how cowed is America by religion?????



Alden said...

Another victory for the opponents of free speech!

Jamas Enright said...

Not free speech, it's hate speech remember!

Anonymous said...

Extremely cowed.