Friday, 30 November 2007

More addiction!

Found yet another game that eats away hours of time: Peggle! (You might need to sign up with YouPlay first, but it's free and there's a lot of fun games to play.)

This is one of those "clear the level" type games, ala breakout and the like, although in this case you shoot the ball from the top and it bounces around the place. When you fail, you can repeat the same level (rather than have to go back to the beginning), and it even remembered what I'd done, so didn't need to redo everything to get to the next set of puzzles! Fantastic!

...just one more go at that "get the score" level...



the other dave said...

Ohh, that last challenge level (3 balls) is a doozy!

Jamas Enright said...

If so, you're doing better than me! (Unless you're being sarcastic...)

I've done three of the five challenges, but not that one. Chance is a huge factor.