Friday, 21 December 2007

20 candles for 75!

The other fanzine of the week is TSV #75, the one with the spectacular colour cover!

The first page bulk are reviews of Series 3, and an interesting collection of views they are. It was quite surprising that so many views agreed that the ones that split the reviews were a odd occurrence. Since every review got a rating out of five, we have boring statistics time again!

Smith and Jones get 3.4, The Shakespeare Code gets 3.2, Gridlock 3.8, Daleks in Manhatten 2.4, Evolution of the Daleks 2, The Lazarus Experiment 3.2, 42 3.2, Human Nature 4.8, Family of Blood 5, Blink 4.6, Utopia 4.2, The Sound of Drums 4.2, The Last of the Time Lords 3.2. Winner is Family of Blood, the loser is Evolution of the Daleks.

Reviewers wise, they all rated the series overall as 4, but how did they really do? Stuart Brown rates 3.8, Andrew Foxley 3.9, Jon Preddle 3.4, Paul Scoones 3.5, Izzy von Lichtan 3.6. So the most appreciative was Andrew, the least Jon. Overall, the series rates 3.6, so the 4 was about right.

Paul gives us a breakdown of the origins of TSV, including a very informative look at the pages of TSV #1. The continuing look at the PDAs continues to interest me. Singapore Who continues Jon's obsession with all things DW transit (Singapore? Really?).

Edwin gives a list of websites worth looking at, although I would also add in Fishpond (especially when they forget to adjust the price!) and Galaxy Books.

While all good, the best parts of this issue are the cartoons by Amy Mebberson. Spot on and very well done! Adam, you're not paying her enough!


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