Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Compass fracass

Hey, if I complain, can I get free tickets to the Golden Compass as well? Not that the Catholics over here have been making that much of a fuss, unlike the Americans who are screaming like someone dare suggested that Bush Jnr. is potentially not fully compos mentis.

The Golden Compass...blah blah...Phillip Pullman...blah adapted from the book, it's so evil it's teaching little kiddies about atheism, how dare this happen before they can be brainwashed into accepting the true nature of life (ie there was nothing before Jesus). I know that human nature is such that generally we try for the easy path in life, to only look for things we already agree with, but there is only so far this can go on. (Is religion really that fragile that it can't bear even the slightest of challenges?)

Not that this movie looks to be that great. It was made safe for the viewing masses (ie, anything possibly anti-religious has been removed) that now it's all glitz and glamour without substance. Huh. Sounds perfect for the American market to me...


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