Wednesday, 30 January 2008


As you might suspect, I've now seen Cloverfield, which is one man's attempt to force a generation of action sci-fi movie goers to endue a movie about relationships.

Come on, people! Don't be fooled by the supposed "monster" aspect of this film! It's about a whiner guy who decides that everyone must die in his attempt to save the one woman in all of destroyed New York that amazingly didn't die like everyone else did! (And what did happen to her boyfriend?)

There's nothing here that isn't just another angst-fueled relationship that's happened in a billion other movies. So this one has some CGI in it, big deal! It's still about the loser who feels that his failed affair won't be over if he just gives it that one more college try! (Okay, so she understandably feels happy about this and admits feelings for him, but she's placed in a stressful situation and isn't thinking properly. Again, I point to the fact that she had a new boyfriend that the movie conveniently forgets about so the "hero" can get the girl.)

Okay, presuming for a moment this is supposed to be a monster/action movie, what of it? Sure, there are some great scenes of integrating the monster into the shots, but there is one basic problem with the videoed nature of everything, relating to "what's the point of it?". If it is now a government tape, presumably they got the tape for its coverage of the monster... but there should be seven/eight hours of tape (good batteries!), so this has clearly been edited down... but if they care about the coverage, why do we have to suffer the rest of the story. Is it really important to the government that some weirdo with prioritising problems was having a party?

One of the many comments from the irritating talkative movie audience that sat near me was that there would be many movies made in this vein. Oh ye gods...


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Foo said...

People said the same thing about new Doctor Who when it came out...although I didn't read all your review for fear of spoiler.