Monday, 28 January 2008

Legend... -reary or -ary?

So, yep, I've now seen I Am Legend. Um... some good stuff, some bad stuff... overall, I'd have to say that the bad stuff was just annoying and made an overall 'blah' impression. I'll hide the rest of the review just to be safe.

Good side: The exciting scenes of Will Smith wandering around weren't as boring as the concept sounded. The film moved confidently in these scenes so I was willing to go along.
I like the sense of community the Dark Seekers had (more-so than Robert Neville would ever admit), and Dash Mihok did good work at investing immediately recognisable traits into the lead male. (Although I'm not sure why Neville didn't click that he came after his mate, 'cos that was just bleeding obvious.

Bad side: Man, some of those scenes were just slow. From what I recall, The Omega Man wasn't exactly a fast-paced action picture either, but this shouldn't be taken as a good thing. Fine, call me a product of the hyperactive modern populace, but I wanted to reach for the fast-forward button often.

Frankly, the Dark Seekers were the most interesting part of this movie, and they were treated as not much more than animals. I think them taking over as the next race on the planet would have been a far more interesting ending (and in keeping with the original movie) than the neat "solution" packaged ending.

Oh, and the worst consequence of this movie will be that when we do find a cure for cancer, everyone will say "hey, we know what that will do, we prefer to die, thank you..." ;)


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