Saturday, 15 March 2008

TW 210: From Out of the Rain

Someone wanted to write a Sapphire and Steel story, didn't they? Still, considering it's Peter J Hammond, shouldn't be too surprised.

This really is pure Sapphire and Steel, and indeed is a rehash of the Photograph story (you know, the one with the creepy man with no face). Torchwood is layered on top of it (with added Jack to tie it into the series), but it's obvious that PJ really liked the set up and wanted to use it. (And more the set-up than the "what the?" ending where filming them would solve the Just wish someone would resurrect S&S (as more than audios) and be done with it.

And what an emotional ending! The kid is saved! Never mind that everyone else died, including his sister and mother and father, and thus he's now an orphan and a burden on the state, at least the kid lived!

Still, got to love Julian Bleach. That is a great voice he has (although somewhat hampered by the dentures they shoved in his mouth). I think I've heard him before, but not sure where (maybe BF plays?). He and Camilla Power manage to come across as really creepy.

This story isn't really Torchwood, but at the moment there isn't a proper series it could be in.

Next week: Oh dear, can you say "filler episode"? When's Captain John back again?



Peter A said...

re: 'Burden on the state'

Dude, that's harsh. Way to kick a newly-minted orphan...

Jamas Enright said...

Ah, he might have uncle/aunt or grandparents.

Still, reminds me of the definition of chutzpah: Someone who kills their parents then pleads "go easy on me, I'm an orphan". :)