Saturday, 19 April 2008

TW: Trace Memory

The second Torchwood book: Trace Memory by David Llewellyn. Wow, new levels have been set in how not to write a Torchwood book!

Now it has often been said that the Torchwood team cause their own problems, but in this book, the team barely even appear! And have nothing to do but observe events! I'm not caring about spoilers in this, because this isn't a Torchwood book. This makes Border Princes look like an actual episode!

Okay, I suppose if Random Shoes could be an episode, then this could be too, but even that used the team more than here. Events are narrated as in the past, and everything's pretty much happened before the present say, so... what the hell was the point of this book again? I'm really thinking David wanted to write a "Captain Jack before Torchwood" book (one more thing contradicted by Fragments) and managed to con the series book editor into buying this.

I can't say if the main characters are well written, because they hardly appear! Micheal, the "hero", is... I'm sure David had this in-depth picture in mind about him, but it doesn't quite manage to come across. Much like the monsters. They look fantastic on the cover, but I didn't really get the menace of how they looked from the text itself.

I'm not sure if this even rates as fanfic, rather than "something I padded out and got paid for". Avoid it, it's so pointless. (The only bonus point it gets is more acknowledging the Jack/Ianto relationship.)

Order: same as the last one.


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