Friday, 23 May 2008

Being on the other side...

So the Budget is out and there's more money for everyone! Although some get more than others. And some get nothing at all (for very specific cases where families only have income from benefits, and then they get more money every year anyway).

But the reason I bring this up, rather than completely ignore it as is my usual a-political stance, is because I helped work on it. And by 'help', I mean I checked some working another chap at work did. But nevertheless, I was a part of the process. I was on the "special" list of people in the know... That all said, I barely did know even my part of it, and was still finding out important pieces very late in the day.

[Although... one set of numbers in the speech is mostly because of the work I did... but I'm not saying which (mainly because it's not that exciting). More information will be coming out, either through reports or Official Information Act (OIA) requests, about the entire process anyway.]

The point is... I was on the inside. Gives a rather different perspective. I actually even watched the Budget announcement as it happened! And the "debates" afterwards. Very nearly makes me almost interested in thinking about possibly voting...


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