Monday, 5 May 2008

DW: Episode 4.5

Sontar... HA! Indeed!

The Sarah Jane Adventures continue! Although I do have to admit it is a bit darker than SJA usually gets, what with that ending and all. But there are some points to the plot I am asking about. Like... why bother with Earth? Surely there are easier planets to convert? And given how seen-through the clone was, did we really need that either? Yes, it made for another moment with EXTREME close up on David's face, but... (oh, and his filling is really noticeable when he's yelling.)

[And yes, I caught the moment du Rose. But not of any mention of the Medusa Cascade...]

Of course the best thing about this episode was... Bernard Cribbins! Let's face it, with him as grandpa, it makes the family situation bearable. And I'm glad Freema is sticking around for at least another episode. She should be in every episode! In fact, why not give her her own spin-off series? Martha Jones, Earth Defenders has a lot better ring to it.

Catherine Tate struggles to find a place in this episode. It might be the writer trying to make her more "normal", with being scared, but she's supposed to be a companion, and a feisty one at that, so get on with it woman! Hopefully there will be better writing for her to come (and hoping for more of Donna shows just how much that character has improved).

At the end of the day, it's about how Sontarans are warriors... and that humans can kill them. Isn't that always the real moral?

Next week: Does this count as a three parter then? (No.) But the real question is: is she called Miranda?



Alden said...

The Medusa cascade reference was in part 1, during the Doctor's premature farewell speech to Donna. :)

Jamas Enright said...

Yes, I caught that, just wondering if they were going to insert in every episode regardless...