Friday, 6 June 2008

Getting Fit... Getting Wii Fit!

Looks like it's finally available over here. Wii Fit, the next step which everyone said they were close too, and they actually too that step.

There is a basic point about exercising that the article mentions: you have to want to exercise. Once you get past that hurdle, the type of exercise you do is up to personal taste.

Me, I'd like to the exercycle in front of the TV (sitting on my arse I can do), but I keep breaking the damn things.(*) The new Wii Fit has a range of exercises, together with a "balance board" (which has weight limits of course). Those exercises include yoga (why does everyone see yoga as the ultimate exercise... exercise? See previous note about meditation and getting a good nap), but presumedly there are more strenuous efforts in there too.

So is this the way to go? Certainly the privacy of the home is a plus, as is the "fun" of playing with the computer, and I have to say I am tempted... however, I don't have a Wii yet, so would be facing rather high costs. Then again, trying to get a decent exercycle isn't cheap either. One more then again: just how much is getting exercise really worth?, and costs now would be more than offset by future savings...

(*)I also hold that "to get fit, you have to be fit". In that, if you aren't fit, you're probably too out of shape to use the "getting fitter" machines, e.g. being overweight and outside the specs of the machines, as well as not being able to cope with an exercise regime that would actually get you fit.



Sanna said...

Me and my partner bought a wii fit just last week. We allready had a wii though, but even if we hadnt, getting the whole shabang would be a lot cheaper than going to a studio three times a week.
These days we fight to get in front of the tv first, -not in order to get the remotecontrol, but in order to get the balanceboard. And we both sweat in placxes we never knew we COULD sweat!
Big plus for the wii motivizercharacter, who gave us some pretty nasty thruths about our weight, our metabolism and BMI. plus, its actually a functional motivizer, it wakens up the gamer in you and fires up the comtetitive insticts. Me and my partner has caught each other cheat big time -skipping snacktime! Both trying to beat eachother at the weightlosing game.

I might sound like I was paid to say this, but I really believe wii fit can be the answer fot a lot of people. If me and my partner can be motivated to get in shape, anyone can!!!!

Jamas Enright said...

Thanks for the testimony!

I am wondering how much better Wii Fit works when you have a partner to "compete" against, vs just trying to motivate yourself...

Sanna said...

We also have a friend who is in a long distance relationship. He is now that much of a caochpotato as us, but it seems that "gaming" instead of training the couch-potato pose keeps his punds of loneliness away. But wjhat do I know.