Tuesday, 17 June 2008


At the latest WARGS meeting, I hoped to get in a game of D&D. The game that was run as part of the D&D 4e Day (last Saturday) was offered as a game during this meeting. Was quite looking forward to it, actually... unfortunately, there were only two of us who wanted to play that, so so much for that...

Instead, we went for another Shadowrun mission (the GM of which was the other interested D&D player, as it happened). This one was a simple "search and retrieval" mission, where the S&R was for some large, one might say coffin-sized, containers... Fortunately, we not only managed to complete that ahead of schedule, we also got in some other jobs including shooting up a corporate party... all for the image, of course.

This time around, I didn't go for Gringr, but instead went for an Occult Investigator (by the name of Mr Inbetween). Unfortunately, I didn't really understand what skills I had, so I didn't do as well as I could of. And I actually had some spells! Most likely we'll be having more SR missions, so I'll be bringing him back for another one or so... and then switch again. Yes, I could go for a long term character, but don't really need that for this game and I like the option of trying out a range of possibilities.


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