Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Not bored games

At the last WARGS, I decided I didn't want to do the usual Shadowrun mission. Sure, they are fun, but... yeah, I wanted to try something else. (That said, I did buy the rule book, so I can finally potentially create a character that I have in mind...)

So, instead I went for option B. It could have been another role-playing game, but people wanted to play board games. Thus, board games it was.

Pandemic was first, in which we are a group fighting disease outbreaks. We had two games because in the first game, on the very first player's turn, we lost. (Well, we had one last spot before we officially lost, but basically, we were done.) In the second game, we very nearly won. It's a cooperative game, and I like that. Makes it easier to work out what's going on if the other players are helping you strategise. But we got close... just ran out of time/turns. Fun, but I think hard to beat.

Second game was Zooloretto, with the Aquaretto add-on. In this, each player tried to make the best zoo possible (either normal land-based zoo or water-based animal zoo). There's a lot of strategy involved, in which I'm not that great, so no surprise I didn't win. But I did come third out of five with a nice 42 points. Woo!

I did spot Thud, which I do want... but at $100, not just yet...


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