Tuesday, 25 November 2008

The Chronicles of Risan: Part the Fourteenth

Today I found myself in a very unusual situation... but before I get to that: we set sail for a month to get to the islands where the artificiers came from that are using the blue prints to create devices intended for endless energy that in fact open rifts to the demon dimensions and let the foul spawn through... (draw breath) ...as you do.

We encounter an island where there are no birds, no fish, nada. Well, except for a ruined city, piles of bones, and ghosts. Not that the ghosts are the problems. Nope, that would be the two flesh golums traipsing around the city sucking marrow from the bones as well as the very ghost forms of the departed people. Really, really big flesh golums...

I spend most of the fight dazed and unable to do anything really exciting except fire the occasional arrow. I do hit, and get some damage going on, but can't really bring to bear the full force of my training. However, the rest of the peoples do manage to do some damages as these things go stomping around that they are finally brought down. Huzzah!

That's when the ghosts tell us that there is something much nastier up in the hills. And that there are lots of islands where this has probably happened as the big empire split into little dominions. Oh joy...

The big hilly thing is a large black blobby thing that flies around dripping ichor and keeps out of range, so once again I'm having problems do anything decent to it. Other party members bring it down, and then proceed to stomp on it a lot, with more potshots from me. I do get the final blow in, at least as far as I can tell, so I'm saying I did.

But the unusual thing was... not once did I get my swords out and attack with them. Huh. Not my style at all, and yet I was still fairly effective...


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