Tuesday, 18 November 2008

The Chronicles of Risan: Part the Thirteenth

In a strange tower in the middle of the sea, surrounded by demons, with a sword demanding to alternatively get them or get ourselves out. Must be a Thursday.

After a brief discussion with the sword (which I am now holding as the Dwarf got away), we decide to try for a more subtle approach (amazing for us) of not racing for the top and instead try to find another way up. First room a meeting room, second room a bedroom with fire immoliths, third room a lecture room, and... wait a minute!

The immoliths are frakking annoying creatures to fight. Even though the universe had shifted to only make them half as healthy, they were still a bitch to hit and had this annoying ability to reach out and grab us, and well as curse us as just generally tick us off. When we finally put them down, we find out our minions were fighting off a Vrok (which I didn't managed to get to and hit...).

Pausing a moment, we got some more information out of the sword and found out the demons had broken through a century ago... this was all due to them wanting a perpetual powersource which they created by tapping into a hell dimension which slowly opened up and tada! Fortunately this was only the experiment area and not the full power source which they sent back... (d'oh!).

After looking around a little more (and getting an imp for our Warlock), we forgo the subtle approach and go back to our usual "charge" tactic, which gets us slammed against half-a-dozen demons in the stairwell. I was trapped up the stairs, the rest at the entrance, so I wasn't able to help, but still managed to put a few down by myself.

At this point we realised we were all drained of internal healing ability. Oops. No chance to rest either, or the tower would respawn.

Up to the control room, and trying to occupy a many (6) tentacled thing while the Warlord tried to shut it off the main controls and close the portal. And more demons coming out while we did so. Two of which were some chaos beasties that liked to go after the weak amoungst us. Such as the Gnome... the crazy little guy who gave his life (not entirely willingly) while we saved the tower... First death in our party (which I was sure was going to be me, to be honest)...

With heavy hearts (and sacks of loot), we set our sights for the land of the artificers to save them from themselves...


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