Monday, 22 December 2008

Torchwood: Almost Perfect

Last of the current set, Almost Perfect by James Goss.

People are perfect. Or, at least, can be made so. Some people may die along the way, but that's the price of perfection. And Ianto is a woman. So, you know, comedy ensues!

James is way into Facebook and every chapter heading is basically a Facebook status update. Which is really annoying if one (such as me) isn't into Facebook because it just comes across as idiotic. In many ways this book is trying to be hip and fresh and new, and it works for a while... but also gets in the way. I'm not sure that James Goss' style really suits for Torchwood. The plot twists are such that the story changes in each of the three sections, but the last section is almost an entirely different story.

The three cast members are almost generic caricatures of themselves, with Jack being horny and Ianto and Gwen bitch-fighting. Emma becomes annoying, and the rest of them aren't worth talking about.

Not a great book. Slightly readable, but nothing to get excited about.

Order: After Exit Wounds of course.


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