Tuesday, 17 February 2009

The Chronicles of Risan: Part the Twenty-Fourth

From the slave we saved (who will be hiding until the area is more clear) we found out that there was a mushroom farm just beyond, which housed spiders that attack people who get to close. We decided to avoid that.

Also, there was an embassy further on, which had been attacked. However, it was likely that the human mage in charge was still there. To the rescue! When we got there, we found wights and spiders and some other creature that politely asked us inside before attacking us. I got smacked around by a few wights, but gave my own back. After getting rid of them, the Warlord found a back room that was locked, behind which was whimpering. Lots of pandering finally got the mage to come out (although I did unlock the door), and we agreed to escort him past the bridge for some money, which was likely a fraction of what he had on him, but whatever...

He did give us a contact of a shop owner that might be able to help us get to Matron Whatshername, so we headed up to find him. We did find some shops getting looted, and a big hulking beast. The paladin and I took the beast on, and while I got a few decent hits in, I completely failed to connect a lot of the time too. Bah! While the others mopped up their fight, I found a huge abyss thing that would have attacked us, but the gods forgot about it. Looked to be very nasty.

With the area now clear, we settled down to rest before considering where to next.


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