Friday, 27 March 2009

76 TSVs in the publishing line...

Yep, TSV 76 came out last week, and I have now finished reading it. So, what's in store?

If you look at the contents listing, you'll see there's not a lot of items there... but if you look at the page counts, that's because there are some very large items in there!

It was nice to see the last part of the PDA reviews. What block of books are up next? Will David ever get that missing book and finish the EDAs? Would also like to see a proper take on the Benny books, but suspect I would have to write that myself. (Yes, there was that brief piece many issues ago, but note the word 'brief' there.) Anyway, nice work there Chris.

Also enjoyed the two big interviews, with Peter Davison and Tony Hadoke... and I'll get to see them myself in the upcoming months (the former interview was done without any knowledge at the time of his later visit).

Then there's the series four reviews. Nice to have a humourous take, made reading them a lot easier. Wouldn't mind seeing more by Mike Searl.

But I am wondering why we have the Radio Times piece. Was TSV crying out for coverage of that particular magazine? I'm reminded of the Back to the Vortex coverage of the news, complete and overly detailed. That was a slog to get through, and I'm guessing there's more where that came from.

A slimmer issue than previous tomes (although mine was slightly padded with extra duplicate pages), and a worthy read aside from that one piece.


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