Monday, 30 March 2009

Escapist Magazine gets away

Really weird situation is happening with just one website: The Escapist.

For some reason, when I try to go there, it doesn't exist! And i mean "Host not found", can't even resolve domain name, not there. Reload, reload, reload... not happening.

This is from inside New Zealand. At home, around 49 times out of 50, not happening (just sometimes, I get a brief break in the clouds, and access it). At work, around one in four times nothing happening (and I only access it at work as I can't at home).

Some great stuff there. Yahztee's hilarious video game reviews. Stolen Pixels. ...other stuff... (not that I'm playing any of these games or anything, but it's still amusing!)

No idea, but just can't access. Happening to anyone else? (Note: on TelstraClear/Saturn at home.)

UPDATE: Solution! (And not due to TelstraClear.)



Alden said...

Tis working fine here!

Foo said...

ditto for me (but then again, another country...)

Rich said...

Have you seen this website before? might answer any future questions on sites you have.

Jamas Enright said...

Yep, know of the site, and not that it's down, it's that for some reason TelstraClear can't even acknowledge the existence of the site (Alden's on Xtra, and you other two aren't in NZ!).