Monday, 20 April 2009

Aliens vs Monsters

And the latest in CGI creation is... a woman! Who's a Monster! Have to admit this is a rather easy thing to do in a CGI world as they simply need to scale up the model, and not have to worry about perspective shots or anything.

This is certainly a fun movie, not surprisingly considering previous animated movies from DreamWorks. The basic concept is there in the title, there are aliens and there are monsters, and they fight each other. There is also a Dramatic Story(tm) in the form of Susan, and while obvious, doesn't overwhelm the movie, which is good when your co-stars are a cockroach, blob and amphibious creature (and a giant bug).

As it also happens in DreamWorks pictures, there are big (sic) names behind the characters: Reese Witherspoon, Kiefer Sutherland, Hugh Laurie, Stephen Colbert... some of whom had voices more disguised than others, but once I knew who was whom did enjoy their performances.

The 3D-ness of it is lost on me, and the movie is more than enjoyable without that aspect of it. If you can handle 3D, certainly check it out, and if you can't... certainly check it out anyway!



Foo said...

I was quite keen to see this on iMax as it was shown before Watchmen and the fact it was 3D and on iMax got me very interested. Still haven't got around to seeing it and I guess now I'll just wait for the DVD.

Is it one of those 'must see' films? Hmmm, that reminds me - I never did get back to you all about my Watchmen iMax experience did I?

Jamas Enright said...

I certainly enjoyed it. Dreamworks have gotten these things churning out quite nicely. Can't talk to the 3D aspect of it. Must see? Wouldn't turn it down, but not top of the list either.

And yes, we are still waiting for your Watchmen experience.