Saturday, 11 April 2009

At which point?

Breaking news! There's been a bastardization of Easter! A one kilogram Easter egg is the tipping point, it seems. It's one commercialisation excess too far.

Really? Easter, in our Western society, has always had a strong commercial presence involving eggs and chocolate, and obviously more chocolate is better. So that there is a 1kg egg should surprise no-one. In fact, I'm wondering where the 2kg solid Easter eggs are...

And yes, of course they are unhealthy. Chocolate is unhealthy. Just look at those ingredients, fat and sugar and... lots of unpronounceable chemicals. No-one in their right mind would think that sitting down and consuming one of these in one go is a good idea.

Doesn't stop anyone from doing it, of course. No-one said people made entirely rational decisions when it came to eating chocolate.

But to start complaining about it now reeks of screaming after the horse has bolted the barn. In the interests of the profit margin, we are only going to see worse and worse (from a health perspective) products become available. Because people will buy them. It's the result of a free market economy.

Where was the complaining when Cadbury Easter cream eggs came out? Or marshmallow eggs? Or chocolate buttons?

By all means bring attention to important health aspect, but I don't see this newspaper article changing the way we eat. (And there's nothing from Browning King as to what exactly Easter is and what a bastardization would not be.)

(Notice how I refrained from pointing out that Christianity bastardized a pagan ritual...)



Kytanos said...

I would like to point out the language your blog posts are in is a bastardization of at least 3 languages :-D

Foo said...

Hmmm, this news story is rehash from a few years earlier! I recall those pig Easter eggs being cited by the Greens as not being that great for you and if I remember correctly, the Warehouse removed them from the shelves for that year. I guess they're back. Eggcellent.