Friday, 22 May 2009

Darling Dexter reDux

Second book read, and what have we learnt? (However, I haven't rewatched Season 2, although I have it on DVD, so may get a little confused.)

Firstly what haven't we learnt? That Dexter was found out! That's right, the big thing in Season 2 that Dexter's kills were found are absent here. Although Dexter doesn't kill one per episode in the books. Instead there's another killer, linked into Doakes' past, so Doakes is at the center of this story, and he is watching Dexter. The killer does call in a chap from Washington (we never find out the actual agency), who still hooks up with Deb, although the eventual fate of these two people I won't mention.

Other interesting points: this could be where they draw the inspiration from for TV Dexter dropping off bodies in the ocean (as one killer does), and TV Dexter injecting people (which another killer does). In the books, he partly strangles them as he does in the pilot, and merely buries the bodies.

More interestingly, he ends up engages to Rita! As we know, this was one arc in Season 3 (at least, I hope we know), yet it doesn't take up focus like it does in the TV version. Also the kids are completely different to their onscreen counterparts, and have more interesting connections to Dexter.

As the two media go their separate ways, on to book three!


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