Saturday, 20 June 2009

It is news after all!

I was thinking about maybe discussing the exciting story of Obama kills a fly! Really? This was news? How slow does the news day have to be before this makes headlines?

On the other hand, it was posted in OddStuff, and we are talking the Pres of the US here, so it's not like this was considered the most important current events situation of the world today, but instead an easy piece that coudl easily be overlooked unless you really cared.

Someone did. Who? PETA of course. Although, to be fair, to was started by the media wanting to know PETA's reaction... not that PETA have been known to have overdone views on treatment of animals and other creatures that make for amusing media fodder or anything... Their reaction? He's just a guy being bothered by a fly... but he should have used a bug catcher to deal with it without killing it...

Do they use medication to kill bateria and viruses in their own bodies then?


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