Friday, 12 June 2009

Panic! ... I mean, Pandemic!

Here it is, the start of the end. For the first time in my lifetime, we have a world-wide actual pandemic announced! There is a full announcement by WHO.

The important thing to do is: do not buy any amazing "swine flu" protection product. We have not yet had the time to appropriately develop a targetted cure, so anything that claims to be able to conquer Swine Flu directly is... mislead at best. And anything that claims to protect against Swine Flu and everything else under the sun is severe quackery at its best.

A quick serach of the web shows this is already up and running at the moment, check out Swine Flu Quackery, or maybe it's a Weaponized Virus, Disgusting quacks cashing in on swine flu (concerning homeopathy, that will be a big source of these things), Swine flu scammers selling fake remedies online...

This is the real pandemic to guard against.


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