Monday, 29 June 2009

The Transformers have Fallen

Going to see a movie at 10am on a Sunday morning? Madness! And a non-packed theatre, even on the first week of release, so yay for that.

As for the movie itself. Let's be upfront, this picture is not going back win any awards for Best Movie or even 100 Movies You Must See. However, that's not really the point. It's a picture about a bunch of robots that beat up on each other while some humans wander around trying to be in the same league.

Unfortunately to watch this movie, we have to deal with Michael Bay's Paint-Tin-Shaking Cam. What is his problem that he doesn't want us to understand what's going on? There were some moments where I was simply giving up on following and trusted Bay that it didn't really matter and could simply come back in when he calmed down a bit.

Back to the plot, where we find out that the history of the Transformers on earth was more than we thought and our planet is super important! (Really? This backwater dump a spiral arm?) And, of course, Sam is at the centre of it all (I agree that Megan Fox is way too hot for that relationship). The first half is "run away" and the second half is "run towards". Eh, just relax and watch the robots.

Which are annoying because of the combination of them moving around too much and the camera also. I'm not bothered by the duo as they are more like rednecks that wanna be jive talkers. The pirate-robot-thingy did annoy me (what the ____ where they thinking?), but Destructor was cool if underused.

Ultimately, do not go see this with high expectations and it should be entertaining enough.


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