Saturday, 11 July 2009

Around (New)town

Graffiti is a constant problem, but some of it is art. There's a great example of this in my local suburb, if you head along Newtown Ave to the back of the Liquorland store. There are a group of murals that represent various streets in Newtown back in the ages. (More pics are below the fold. And click on them for a bigger view!)

The thing is, unless you go along this less common street, particularly walking, you'd never get to see it! What surprising images are around your town?

The first one is of the corner of Riddiford Street and Rintoul Street in 1904.

The second is the corner of Riddiford Street and Constable Street in 1905.

The next is Russell Terrace and Mansfield Street in 1910-1915.

Then Wellington Hospital in 1979. Car blocked some of this.

And Daniell Street and Newtown Avenue in 2008.

(Should really try to get these pictures when the sun is on them.)


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