Wednesday, 22 July 2009

The Chronicles of Risan: Part the Twenty-Ninth

After much time spent finding out what was up with people unable to being resurrected, I eventually found out that my other compatriots dealt with it, and Alrick now had his own fortress in the Shadowfell (yeah, he's not "evil", not "evil" at all). Huh. News also reached us that the Emir wanted us to return to the mainland, which we decided to agree to because it was otherwise a quiet morning.

On getting there quickly, thanks to Reed, he told us he was having trouble with random outbreaks of chaos to the north, and would we mind terribly sorting it out? Joining up with Alrick, an non-evil-Drow-scum Elf Rogue named Valduur and a Githyanki Warlock named... never did find out, and a collection of servants and minions, we set out.

We were halfway there when we woke up in the night with awful stomach pains, although this was clearly worse for others when they exploded into demons! We were hard-pressed to deal with the attacks, and I once again neared the realm of the Raven Queen, although we finally proved victorious. [Even at Epic level, commensurately my defenses and attacks suck. It's a problem not being optimised.]

Only us, the chef and a servant (and horses) were left, and the next day we saw a meteor impact ahead of us. The impact created a forest fire, which some of us proved up to the task of handling and others of us... [damn dice rolls]. We struggled closer to the impact, which is the city we were heading for, to find it a ruin and only one survivor that quickly ran away screaming [bad dice rolls all around].

We did track a large beastie from the town to find some weird chaotic shape-changing horror that was fighting against some kind of obstacle. Deciding that it was 'evil', we attacked! As it was only one creature, I kept out of the way and let the more defended party members get in close. [Go go ranged powers! Of which I have around... two! Still, Defensive Strike saved the day!]

The final scene we saw were more meteors heading towards the Emir's town we started from...


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