Sunday, 5 July 2009

Have you heard Torchwood?

Before the next series of Torchwood kicks off in the next few days, BBC Radio put out three radio plays.

Asylum: A woman turns up from the future... that's about it! Somehow this is spun out to 43 minutes. It's not like she's leading an invasion force, or trying to destroy time or anything... she just turns up and it takes time after time after time to get around to doing squat-diddly nothing! Fine, it's a character piece, but it's a slow moving character piece that really pads itself out. Much like this paragraph! Special guest star: PC Andy!

Golden Age: Torchwood India is still alive and running, after 70 years! Woo! Something odd is happening, and Torchwood itself might be the cause, although is it an accident or intentional? Again lots of time is padded out by people wandering around and generally talking without getting to the plot, although when the plot kicks in there is an incredible amount of technobabble.

The Dead Line: The telephones are out to get us! This one was written by Phil Ford, so no surprise it is more Torchwood-y than others. Certainly an interesting set-up, and there's actual plot development that isn't just people standing around talking about matters completely irrelevant to what's going on. Yay! The better adventure, but notable that Jack was written out. Special guest star: Rhys Williams.

(For some reason I think the latter two would be more interesting as Sapphire and Steel plays.)


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