Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Ijjer's Tale, Story Two

We were stuck in swamp, not a good place to be. We look out to see other swamp islands, one with signs of beings, one with signs of ruined buildings. We think ruined buildings is the way to go.

But to get there, we transverse the islands. First is vine bridge to next island. It was 'vine' for me, but not for others. They go splash. From there, it is fallen iron tree to another island. Warden go first, and find Draconians on other side. We take a while to get to fight, we fall in water as well, water not nice. When I close, I unleash deafening winds on them. Am very good, and lead to their deaths. However, Warden also die. At least, we think so, but Goldmoon stab him with blue crystal staff and he not dead. She says she can't do that again.

We continue on, skirting island with people, although we (me and Barbarian) sneak through island and via fallen obelisk to island with ruins while others swim. We investigate ruins and find what Riverwind calls a "birthhole". I call it a well. [Birthhole? Were the editors asleep?] Hole does birth dragon. Not fantasy after all! We pound on dragon, and I bring the storm down on it good, but it run away after we bloody it.

We find Goldmoon in temple. God-type voice speaks of gold plates that we must find. We decide to search temple first. Find another group of Draconians. I kill them real good again, but again Warden die. This time, he stay dead. Humans seem upset about this. If only we may find a prisoner or such to replace him...

We also find group of small... things of Clan Gulp. Or Glup. Or something. We talk them into obeying us, and they say they will lead us to Thane. We will go, after we rest. Long day, full of much death. No doubt there will be more tomorrow.



Peter A said...

Ijer discover conjunctives and prepositions! Ijer's Tale much improved.

Jamas Enright said...

Don't care about conventions of stupid human speech.

At least Ijjer know how to spell Ijjer's name.