Thursday, 9 July 2009

Well, I'm convinced!

That's it! That's all the proof I needed! Obviously ghosts are real! As this analysis of a clip taken in Michael Jackson's home Neverland proves!

Hmm, now I'm a believer, what else is there to see? A strange girl in a pantry? I'm there!

But let's go for local ghosts, and not just a cat. (And nothing from Ghost Hunters. Just because someone felt afraid in an empty room does not a ghost haunting make. My newfound credulity only goes so far.) Also ignoring other documentaries, I want shaking cams, bad footage, bugs on lens and dust orbs!

There's this place "somewhere in Rotorua", which is filled with ghosts... well, statues and ropes anyway.

Then there's this footage from an apartment in Auckland, reduced in quality and in black and white and brightened and... hard to make out. Would like to see a higher quality photo, preferably even a still in colour so we know what's in the room, but... oooh!

Also check out the amazing footage of someone sleeping in a room said to be haunted by a prostitute, from Vulcan Hotel in Central Otago. You too will believe that while people sleep... they are restless!

Come on people, ghosts are real, let's get more of them on camera!


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