Thursday, 20 August 2009

Dis Trict 9

District 9 is heralded as the best science fiction movie this year (and it is August!). That said, the bar isn’t that high as there haven't been good science fiction movies this year. Until now. This is definitely a good movie. A great movie?

Fine, I'm tough to impress. Great performances, certainly, including the CGI-actors. And, with "proper" science fiction, it is really a cover for a different tale, namely race differences (no spoiler there), and indeed it was well made.

And yet, it was a science fiction movie about race relations. Um, not exactly the most nouveau of ideas. Still a lot to be said, and it's still an issue, sure, but this movie doesn't really say more than the more superficial of comments. I like a good story, and although the production values are great, this movie should be above bad action feasts like GI Joe and Transformers.

But yes, the production values are amazing. The CGI actors are amazingly well integrated into the scene, and I have no idea what was CGI and what was practical. Sharlto Copley does good acting, although I'm not sure I entirely buy his character arc. The camera work was interestingly documentary style mixed with shaky cam with standard... I'm entirely sure which genres this crosses.

Ultimately, go watch this movie. It's a great example of what you can do when not trying to make a toy or computer video game commercial...


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