Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Ijjer's Tale, Story Five

We need to infiltrate a dragon den, not something wisely done. Fortunately, we none too bright. We could go for distraction, we could use dwarfs, we could just go for it... yeah, there are two patrols, most likely everyone on patrol, so we just follow one around until we get to den.

Unfortunately, we as subtle as cats in garbage cans, and immediately are set upon. Once again, I am brilliant and kill off many of them, and also deal the final killing blow to the last one. However, they explode, so those nearby not too happy, but I make it through the fight without being hit, so that's all right.

We sneaky-sneaky up to the dragon den, and head in through the barracks, which look to be regal place of old, complete with statues and stuff. We find neat stuff for the druid, but otherwise not a lot. Except for the captain type person, who single handly keeps us busy. Still, I continue to not be hit, which is good. I do provide a lto of help keeping up with it, with a recently acquired ability to give flying ability when I go. As we finally put it down, it had just reached the door to the dragon horde, and as it died it blew them open.

Oops. Dragon. The fighters get in there (I don't), but Lukan knocked her down. Continously. And often. Which helped the fighters. No so much me with my distance attacks. I do go in to help others survive, but was breathed on! Waagh! But, once again, guess who gets in killing blow? (And, amusingly, knocked it down once again...) However, Goldenrivermoon woman also attack dragon, and went out in blaze of glory. Ood. Her staff go away as well, which I would like, although I can't use it, but still...

Speaking of staff, we find Staff of Winter in pile o' treasure. Woot! It mine now! However, we had killed load-bearing bad-guy, so everything starts collapsing. We run, run away. Getting out, we find Goldmoonriver waiting for us. She cleric now, and somehow the gods are back. Not sure what up there. But apparently we did good. Somehow, I think there still more to do...


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