Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Ijjer's Tale, Story Six

With the dragon defeated, we were done! Or maybe not. We head back to Que-She to find it still ruined by something dragon-ish, and without use. We then head to Que-Kiri, and it similar. However, there were still people here, including bad draconian-things. Unsurprisingly, we fight. They had interesting fighting style in that they die and explode, splashing acid on others, including selves and leader. See potential fighting problem right there (however, unable to fit any of them myself).

[The entire night, my best attack roll was... a 7! The dice weren't with many of us tonight.]

With them ended, we head to Solace to find fate of tree-city. Fate bad. Garrison of troops, all lead by Fewmaster Toad. Our inn was partially destroyed, with many taken away to the south. In the inn, we meet up with barmaid Tika, and there's also some Elven person. Who provokes a fight against draconians. Bad, very bad.

Fight goes on long. Very long. [See dice luck above.] They yell for help, and takes us far too long to put them down. By time done, inn surrounded by forces. I try to pretend we follow dragons, no luck there. We are captured. Druid tries to get away. Isn't successful. Unfortunately, he was killed trying to sneak platinum discs away.

We put in wagon (our weapons in other wagon), were we meet mad wizard called Fizz-Bang or something, and a Half-Elf bard called Forin Kanan. We are dragged south, there is a failed ambush by a smithee friend of elf we met in inn, and life outlook is grim...


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