Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Ijjer's Tale, Story Four

The teleporter in the bank allowed us to get to city, but we don't know where in city. We wander around, trying to find big plaza, and find a barracks instead. With Draconians. Being the subtle party that we are, the barbarian charges! What started as two Draconians became four, then another big bad came in, followed by another three! Big fight! Really became hard battle for us, knocking more than one of us down for the count. (Not me, fortunately. Did get attacked though, not good. Still, who got the final killing blow on the big bad? The goblin sorcerer of course! Go me!)

Continuing on, we find big plaza which contains dragon. We pull back, and try to find the dwarf creatures we came down with. We take back route and get to where they would be. We encounter one dwarf, but his inanity pained us. We also find secret door to secret room contain a bed and hats, many many hats. Not sure why, not want to know. Do discover a map of area with link from one building to place of dragon's treasure. Oh, that's for us!

We go to building, and head down connecting pipe. Encounter big beetles in pipe, but fortunately I get through unhurt. Blackwind goes on to find nothing else in pipe, but when we back out we find that Draconian guards have been alerted and are patrolling around. We try to pull back, but the barbarian is caught and nearly killed before we got involved. I got knocked out, but got better. My abilities not so useful in this fight, but the fighter and the barbarian and happy in the beating up of our opponents. Once that done, we skillfully get back to the bank teleporter thingy.

While we hunker down to rest, we know that we need to siege the base tomorrow to get thsoe platinum disks...


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