Friday, 28 August 2009

Spooked? by the Capital Times

There's an article in the latest Capital Times (you'll be able to spot the issue, it has Casper on the front), where Dawn Tratt joins others in investigating strange occurrences at the Museum of Wellington City and Sea.

Now, to be clear up front, she did not experience any strange things herself, and points out the scariest moment was when one colleague there mistook another person for a ghost. (And how often is that a reasonable explanation?) There were strange things reported by others... after she left. And without, she notes, photographic evidence. So, not a piece about "ghosts, ghosts everywhere" as some programs would have you believe.

Standard equipment seemed to be in force. "Headmounted torches, EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) meters, cameras, video cameras, night vision binoculars, pens and pads." I wonder what would happen if equipment to detect infrasonic sound had been used? (Richard Wiseman has conducted experiments that show that people think a place is more haunted if such sounds are present.)

The Museum thinks this will help publicity, and this may well happen. They are looking at bringing back "paranormal tours". Might sign up for one myself...


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