Saturday, 1 August 2009

That Half-Blood Prince

Yep, had to come sooner or later, I finally saw Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, aka Hogwarts: School of Angst. Did we ask for hours of characters yearning for each other, which we care not about? From watching this movie, I guess we did!

As an adaptation of the book there are huge chunks cut out. However, considering the book was largely exposition, I'm not sad. That said, as a movie, there was a lot of glossing over events that only made sense given what one knows from the books. And as for the "added scene", I prefer that to what we had in the book, as it kept the movie focused on Harry and co. However, I do agree that the ending was badly handled.

Have to confess that I rather liked Daniel Radcliffe's performance in this, especially during the "drug" scene. He's come a long way. The others are alright, but of course you have to give applause for Jim Broadbent. Woo! Go Jim!

As for my recommendation, I think most people have already decided if they will go see this or not, so there's not much point in me saying anything about that.


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