Saturday, 8 August 2009

TW: Bay of the Dead

No-one say the Zed word! This book has one agenda and pursues it relentlessly. Bay of the Dead by Mark Morris.

Zombies, man, zombies! Zombies everywhere! This is a straight out action book featuring creatures you might be able to guess at. I like this, a refreshing approach, no hundred and ten different supposed characterisations, no lots and lots of random characters for us to care about, just zombies, and running around, and more zombies! Yay!

The reason for everything is very obvious, but then this isn't the story for deep and complex. We just need an excuse for Zombies, and away we go! Even given that, the reason for the Zombies is pretty stupid, and the solution isn't that great either. Fortunately, the all Zombie action is fun enough I can overlook that.

The Torchwood team get to be on the run, and yes there are extras that meet and often suffer at the Zombies' hands... and PC Andy! Eh, but he doesn't quite come across properly in print. Just not the same without Tom Price. Whatever. Go Zombies!

I enjoyed it. Not a challenging read, but a fun one.


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