Monday, 28 September 2009

Continuing Science Fiction Education

Interesting course next month:

Victoria University Community Continuing Education presents:
As part of our programme for the rest of 2009, we are pleased to offer the following upcoming course for lovers of science fiction film....

A Journey into the Imagination

Contemporary Science Fiction Film

A bejewelled spaceship with liquid propensity soars across the retina of the screen. Within its shimmering aluminium casing, cyborgs and bug-eyed monsters debate whether they should hyper-drive through space. New, alternative and parallel worlds open up before us, and the future sounds of things not yet seen assault the senses as if one is literally, deliriously, travelling through worm holes and intergalactic corridors. We can only be in a contemporary science fiction film where humanity is on the brink of deletion...

This four-session course explores recent thematic and stylistic developments in contemporary science fiction film. It is organised around four points of interest: the awe and wonder of spectacle and special effects; the posthuman and the virtual machine; apocalyptic visions of humanity's present future; and the true meaning of what it means to time travel.

Sessions are interactive and discussion is encouraged. Film sequences are explored and the sublime, terrifying beauty of science fiction film is fully revealed.

Sean Redmond is a Senior Lecturer in Film Studies at Victoria University. He has written about the science fiction film Blade Runner, and published various articles on science fiction cinema. His first, most memorable film moment was watching Star Wars in a run-down cinema in Coventry, England.

Date: Wednesdays 14, 21 & 28 October & 4 November
Time: 5.30pm-7.30pm
Venue: Downtown venue at Pipitea campus to be advised

Fee: $88 ($79)

Early Bird fee in brackets is available if booked on or before Wednesday 30 September.

Click here to enrol or phone 04-463 6556.


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