Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The Chronicles of Risan: Part the Thirty-Fourth

We looked out at the huge area, facing a god in chains and a myriad of creatures trying to get through those chains to free it. Three chains had already been ripped out, and it was up to us to close those tears (well, it was up to Reed to close those tears, and up to us to protect Reed so he could close those tears).

There were medium creatures. There were large creatures. There were even huge creatures. Two Eldritch Giants, to be precise. The only thing we could do was big our first tear, and go for it. With the warlock/wizard blocking our rears, we moved in, and initially seemed to do well. Then one creature laid down a zone [oh, there were so many zones], and all of a sudden we could do sod all. Obviously it had to die. Fortunately, I was the one that smacked its arse. Aside from one flying creature continually picking me up and dropping me from a great height, this part of the battle was over.

Two tears closed, one to go, and then three nasty demony things turned up, two of which were Aspects of Orcus. As a follower of the Raven Queen, I'm not in favour of Orcus, so they were my preferred targets. That said, it was the other creature we focused on, with its two-headed-ness. Not fun, and took a while, but we concentrated and smacked it down.

(Some time during that Reed closed the last tear and was transformed by the god he was channeling. Guess that will happen.)

After that fight, we found ourselves left in the chaining room, with no obvious way out. Well, except for the rituals two of us knew, and my new ability to walk us anywhere (and I mean anywhere).

I wonder what next Fate has for us?

[We'll be taking a break from these characters for a while to play some Rogue Trader. We will come back some time to finish off getting to level 30, but for now we'll rest from that...]



Peter A said...

Ooh Rogue Trader! have you seen the 'D&D WTF?' on it on

Jamas Enright said...

Yeah, the D&D WTF? was an amusing coincidence.
We're looking at the new Rogue Trader RPG.