Friday, 16 October 2009

The FAQs about Time Travel

Very interesting movie came out earlier this year, and it's British, so you know it's got an actual story. Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel is about... well... time travel. And having a pint in a pub.

In particular, three guys find themselves having a few problems with time, and the story gets more convoluted from there. The best thing about this movie is that it shows that if you plan things properly, you can get away with many moments of crossing ones own timeline, which happens more than once. This seems to the Jamie Mathieson's first film (according to IMDB), and it's something any of us would like. By us, I mean us sci-fi (it's "science fiction") fans, but it's light hearted, not an angsty "how can I let this happen?" pic.

Stars are Chris O'Dowd (IT Crowd), Dean Lennox Kelly ("Banished like a tinker's cuss, I say to thee...") and Anna Feris. (Very amusing line "Little bit weird, but ummm... turns out everybody in the future, American.")

Should definitely be checked out!


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